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In July 2014 we present our new product - diamond floorsaw. Made with a simple and reliable design, it has a low weight and a good power.

We would be glad to supply You in any point of Europe from our European stock.


Floorsaw DUS FS270


Engine: electric (380 V), 7,5 kW
Diamond blade, maxx.: 800 mm
Shaft: 25,4 mm / 60 mm
Cutting depth, max.: 320 mm
Weight: 135 kg
Sizes, LхWхH: 1000х600х900 mm

Saw is equipped with electric engine. Optionally
can be equipped with RPM regulator.



  • Can easily pass through any door opening.
  • Both left and right blade installation.
  • Can be split into 3 parts within 10 minutes for easy transportation

Questions? + 7 921 954 39 99 Max Petrov


Our company DUS, is established in 2003 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. From the very first days our goal is to improve manufacturing culture in Russian Federation and increase efficiency of Russian companies.  

The range of our company:

- Diamond technologies

- Demolition technologies

- Hydrodemolition

- Construction equipment

Our company does not stop with a single brand of equipment, providing our client with access to the best examples of equipment from large production lines of manufacturers.

All equipment sold by us provided by the guarantee and service in chain of own service centers. 

We consider it is our task not just to sell the best equipment to our customer. We provide training for operators in real working sites that allows to prepare a specialist and to minimize the risk of breakage of the new equipment due to incompetent operation.

If You are manufacturer, willing to sell Your products via our sales chain, please contact our development director - Mr.Petrov Maxim  m.petrov (**) dus.ru

(**) = @





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